Fair Jewellery Action

Fair Jewellery Action (FJA) is a Human Rights and Environmental Justice Organisation within the jewellery sector. Through its communications platform FJA advocates traceability and transparency in the jewellery supply chain through the promotion of ethical and fair trade jewellery business. FJA’s objective is to direct more of the economic impact of the jewellery sector for the regenerating of local economies, in support of cultural preservation and environmental sustainability.

FJA’s activities will focus on being a driving force and voice to consumers with the aim of making ethically and fairly traded jewellery the only moral choice. FJA will support jewellers by connecting them with the source of their material and enabling them to see the social, environmental and market advantage of providing ethical products.

FJA will comprise of three streams: education, campaigning and producer support.

1. Education:

Production of education materials aimed at engaging the jewellery industry and design and art college students studying jewellery, on social, environmental and livelihood issues that will inspire, facilitate and empower jewellers to become more ethical and fair trade in their business practice.

This will be in the form of a published and on line materials.

2. Campaigning – supporting indigenous people affected by mining

FJA will host campaigns in support of the rights of indigenous people, communities and small-scale miners affected directly or indirectly by unjust situations involving mining.

FJA will be highly focused, supporting only those that we can impact, utilising social media, and our network of suppliers, ethical jewelers, NGOs, press and action on the ground.

FJA is currently supporting the rights of Inuit small-scale ruby miners to mine, own, transform and sell ruby from Greenland.


Join FJA

FJA is calling jewellers and jewellery businesses to join them in engaging with vital social and environmental issues, striving to achieve transparency and traceability in the supply chain from mine to retail.

To become a part of the fair jewellery network and to demonstrate your commitment to traceability and transparency in the jewellery supply chain please contact:

Marc Choyt (USA/Canada) reflective@cybermesa.com

Greg Valerio (UK/EU) greg@gregvalerio.com.

If you are outside North America or Europe feel free to contact either Marc or Greg directly.

5 thoughts on “Fair Jewellery Action

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  4. Thank you! I’ll contact you by email as I live in the UK and am very interested in the work you are doing. I actually got to think I have to make it happen on my own! I hope to build a fair trade relationship with local stone miners in South America,, Thank you, thank you! I hope you don’t mind I have been re-blogging some of your posts.. This one included.

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